2-3 Layers Empty Container Handlers CPCD160EC


  • HELI specially used home-made gearbox which is arranged as two at the front and two at the back. With the electro hydraulic reversing control, the operation is laborsaving
  • HELI adopts the Meritor heavy-duty drive axle With inlaid disc braking which has reliable performance and stable quality, also and cost performances.
  • Wide view mast + HELI home-made 20-foot container spreader. The spreader adopts high-quality steel which has high strength and nice view. The system has a lifting-protect function.


Model unit CPCD160EC2-CZ/DZ (2 layers) CPCD160EC3- CZ/DZ (3 layers)
Load capacity kg 4500 4500
Load center mm 1220 1220
Lifting height mm 6100 8100
Mast angle(front/back) deg 3/6 3/6
Overall width mm 3460 3460
Wheel base mm 3650 3650
Min. turning radius mm 4970 4970
Max. lifting speed(with/without load) mm/s 330/400 330/400
Max. travel speed(with/without load) km/h 30/30 30/30